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Dripping Paint

Jenna Dalton M.Ed

Healer, Teacher and Empowerment coach...

Her guidance is helping people move from feeling fearful and stuck to RADIANT and EMPOWERED.  She can teach anyone the tools and techniques needed to support mind/body/heart connection for optimal mental health and wellness.

Reiki Therapy

One-on-One Support 

Intuitive Healing

Clear Energy Centers

Learn How To Meditate

Girl Gazing

One-on-One Mentoring 

Conquer Anxiety & Depression

Create Healthy Relationships

Learn How To Meditate

Couple Showing Affection

For Conscious Couples &


FamiliesWho Need Support 

Increase Intimacy

Heal, Clear and Overcome 

Get My Newest Book!

For Children
of All Ages!

Painting Wall

You Can move from

Fear To Freedom...


Women Holding Hands

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