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Fear To Freedom...




Jenna Dalton M.Ed

Jenna Dalton is a healer, teacher and empowerment coach.

Her guidance is helping people move from feeling stuck and fearful to RADIANT and EMPOWERED.  She can teach anyone the tools and techniques needed to support mind/body/heart connection for optimal mental health and wellness.

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Change Your Life...

"Jenna is the best! Seek her out for support with navigating life... She's a gem!" ~ Mary E.

“I got tons out of doing the animal cards, talking about how to deal with toxic friendships and listening to music together.” ~Grace B. Age 13

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"Our circle was super fun. She taught us a lot of stuff about ourselves and got to learn more about each other too! My three favorite things were: having a lot of people for support, talking about relatable things and seeing everyone’s art" ~Ava .H 


"Jenna’s work with teens is powerful and supportive... I highly recommend her circles, classes, and Young Jedi sessions."  ~Anna G.

Reiki Therapy

One-on-One Support 

Intuitive Healing

Clear Energy Centers

Learn How To Meditate

Girl Gazing

One-on-One Mentoring 

Conquer Anxiety & Depression

Create Healthy Relationships

Learn How To Meditate

Couple Showing Affection

For Conscious Couples &


FamiliesWho Need Support 

Increase Intimacy

Heal, Clear and Overcome 

Paper Diary

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