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"Jenna is the best! Seek her out for support with navigating life... She's a gem!" ~ Mary E.

“I got tons out of doing the animal cards, talking about how to deal with toxic friendships and listening to music together.” ~Grace B. Age 13

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"Our circle was super fun. She taught us a lot of stuff about ourselves and got to learn more about each other too! My three favorite things were: having a lot of people for support, talking about relatable things and seeing everyone’s art" ~Ava .H 


"Jenna’s work with teens is powerful and supportive... I highly recommend her circles, classes, and Young Jedi sessions."  ~Anna G.

Interviews With JEnna

"As parents, we talk a lot about mental health and the heaviness and overwhelm that teens everywhere feel, but in a country and economic system that doesn’t offer many accessible or robust solutions, what can we practically do for our kids? Heart care, brain care, nervous system care, these aren’t just medical but emotional and energetic concerns, which deserve a nurturing and affirming support system. I feel that an important part of my mothering work is modeling practices of heart-tending and brain-tending, and then offering space and time for my children to tend to their own. Kids, and especially teens, deserve their own personalized support team. Child raising (next generation raising) was never supposed to be something parents did alone.  And what a joy to show our children that asking for help is the real power stance!

Jenna’s work with teens is powerful and supportive. They can log in from their own cozy space, and know that their fears, relationship dramas, questions about their lives, are being held safely and kindly, and within a context of good boundaries and deep acceptance. I highly recommend her circles, classes, and Young Jedi sessions." ~AGK (Mother of 14 year old)

Yoga at Home
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