Intuitive Healing Sessions

Family Support

Embrace Your Sensitive Child and Let Go Of The Fear Around Labels

Did you know that if Mozart, Joan of Arc or Einstein were children in today's world, they would probably have been diagnosed as "on the spectrum" or "mentally ill?"

It is often children who are struggling with the neurotypical lifestyle that have a direct link to deeper wisdom, spiritual knowledge and are coming to earth to help humanity in its evolution and development.  

Learning tools for harnessing and grounding the spiritual connections early on can help these children immensely.


Growing up in a spiritual community and Years of Waldorf Teaching have helped Jenna to understand the age appropriate ways to work with, teach and bring balance to families with children who struggle with the word "normal."  

Each family's needs are unique, so please schedule a complimentary 15 minute session with Jenna to make a plan that is best for your family.

Crashing Through Creative Blocks

In Order To Let the Inspiration In,

You Have To Clear The Way

Ever heard that famous proverb,

" If you can walk you can dance,

if you can talk you can sing,

if you can think, you can create"


Every one of us has an artist within. Every one of us has the ability to co-create with the universe. Unfortunately some of us, from a young age, are taught that our original creations - the ones that come from within - are taboo. This soul oppression eventually transforms into our own critical thoughts that hinder our ability to create freely in the world. 


If you don't do the energetic work to clear this first, your critical voice will just keep coming back to sabotage your artistic projects again and again. 

We work with the Chakras, Clear Energetic Fields and Move Through old blocks first before we attack anything having to do with the muse.  

Healing sessions

Not quite sure what's going on? 

You know when you just feel tired and worn down and can't figure out why?


Often it is because your energy systems are out of whack or depleted. Sometimes this is even because you have picked up some negative or parasitic energy along your path.


These general healing sessions help clear that path and return your life force energy, so you can kick butt out there in the world again!  

If you carry any kind of trauma, outdated believe systems or even unconscious "memories" from past lives, life can feel overwhelming, confusing and really uncomfortable.  


These healing sessions will not only clear you in the moment, but will also teach you tools and skills on how to ground yourself, heal yourself, pass through old blocks and clear out old belief systems that no longer serve your highest good.   

what IS
a healing session?