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Jenna's original Music:

2016-08-28 Dove cover w text2.jpg

I am an amateur musician.  I don't play, sing and perform music to be famous or make a living as a musical professional.  

I do it because I LOVE it! I love music more than anything in this world and can't imagine a life without it!  

This album was recorded in my living room between teaching and single momming!  It is raw and unedited and makes me feel very naked.  So why is it up on my website?  Because it takes courage to be your true full version of yourself and I want to model that vulnerability.  This is me! Imperfect and striving to do something that I truly love just for the sake of doing it.  

Also because one of my music students once said to me - "this music can sit on my computer until it's perfect which will be never and no one will ever hear it but me- or I can just put it out there - then at least I can say I tried!"  

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