Whatever you are creating... clear the way first!


What if your muse wasn't your enemy? 

What's unique about my approach?  

BEFORE we tackle the creative block, before we work on writing prompts and other inspiration...

We first clear your energy patterns and check for attachments

If you don't clear this first, the blocks will just keep coming back

I can teach you skills that will break through creative blocks for good

making it easier to decide to DO what you love every day and 

embrace more well-being.


Private virtual sessions...


Learn and practice basic skills for surviving and thriving as a sensitive and intuitive being in a fast-paced world. 


Work on grounding, re-alignment and meditation techniques to help connect you with your True nature.

Clear out old stories and belief systems around your ability and worthiness as an artist and co- creator with The Artist Archetype

Plant the seeds for the life and creations you envision for your highest good!

Build a treasure chest of tools for self care, meditative practice and creative empowerment.


"Jenna's playful enough to keep it light, but also deep enough to feel some real healing shifts happening..." 

"Jenna's intuitive healing helped me create balance and vibrancy in my life using both modern and ancient spiritual wisdom."   

" I didn't think I could sing, now I know I can do just about anything!"