Navigating Deep Waters

Your teen has the opportunity to participate in a circle of teen girls participating in youth EMPOWERMENT.


We meet for four-week sessions, Saturday mornings at 10am PST.


This group is for those who identify as "she or they" ages 12-17.  

In these times when more young women are becoming prone to anxiety, stress and dysregulated self esteem, this course offers 

Fun, Support, Empowerment, Creativity, Laughter, Community and Friendship.


We talk

      body image, 

             race and class,

                    social media,






                                                              and our hopes for the future.  


No stone will be left unturned!  

Through art, music, activities, movement and discussion we face the challenges and celebrations of being a young woman.

The Goals, Hopes and Intentions of This Course Include: 

~Learning more skills for navigating the sometimes choppy waters of adolescence.  

~Building a "toolbox" of healthy coping mechanisms for managing stress

~Learning about the power of balancing body, emotions and thoughts

~Building a healthy and real network of friends and mentors that will be there throughout the journey.  

Sure, the initial course meets once a week, but it does not end there.

This then builds a strong foundation for friendship connection and mentorship to last a lifetime.  This class offers a refuge of support and guidance so needed in todays world.  

Contact Jenna here to reserve a spot.

Finding Friendship

Empowering Ourselves & Each Other

Self Reflection

Journaling and Visioning

Yoga and Movement

Learning About Our Bodies Through Alignment

Art and Creation

Using Art to Express the Things Words Can't

Music and Song

From Ancestral Chant to Current Pop!