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want to take your musicality to the next level, private lessons can give you that extra motivation it takes to learn an instrument and find joy in music.  Sure, it takes work, but the work can be fun! 

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Listen To This Interview

An Educational Approach To Music: An Interview With Jenna Dalton

"In this episode I interview a former colleague, Jenna Dalton. Jenna has a completely joyful and inspired approach to Waldorf music and sharing it with children. If you’re wondering about how to go about fostering a healthy, joyful and inspired relationship to music for your children, Jenna is a great resource."

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Book A Healing session

Not quite ready to play and sing? 

Some of us have been told that we can't sing.  Some of us have deep wounds around music that have affected our self esteem and blocked the joy of music from entering our lives.  

If you can talk, you can sing!

If you can move your limbs, you can play an instrument. 


If you carry any kind of trauma around that, music might make you feel terribly uncomfortable and embarrassed.  


These healing sessions teach you how to ground, pass through old blocks and clear out old belief systems that no longer serve you.   

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