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Climb Every Mountain...

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

It's been a long time coming but here it is. My first ever web site and blog! Yes, I am crawling out of a cave and seeing light again. My face is smudged and dirty, my jeans are tattered and torn, my elbows and knees are scraped, but I made it! I made it to the bottom of my mountian.

What? The bottom? Yes, the bottom...

You see, this is the thing. My personality can sometimes be that akin to a black lab puppy. I love to please people. I love to make the people in my life happy. It's not such a bad trait. Black labs are well loved in this world and so am I! AND this has meant I have spent a good portion of my adult life climbing around on other people's mountians running, panting, retrieving... When a loved one or mentor suggested something for me to do, I went blindly forth and did it. When a door or opportunity approached I sniffed and licked it's face and said YES YES YES!!! This made for many adventures, but I often got lost and I almost always forgot to ask a very important question.

"Is it actually in my highest good to do this?"

Current life situations led me recently to an expansive valley where I could finally see all the mountains I climbed, all the advetures I said yes to without a second thought. And there in the misty distance was a faint outline of a mountain that I had only ever before seen in my dreams.

I do beieve we all have a mountian to climb. I believe that each one of us has one mountian that when we get to it's base and we look up and ask

"Is it actually in my highest good to do this?"

we get a resounding YES that comes from somewhere deep inside. This is where it gets tricky sometimes. This is where we look at our own mountians and we run away, or we ask someone else to climb it for us. Or we try to bulldoze the mountian so it wont look so high. Or we clear cut it and make a fortune on it but none of that is truly the journey. Some of us find other people's mountians easier to climb than our own and so we take that route. I was one of those.

But things have changed. Perhaps it's age and maturity, or perhaps it's narcisicsm, but suddenly I am only interested in my mountian. She has caves and curves and trails that I have not yet explored. She has secrets and ancient records for me to study. She has boulders to climb and peaks to ascend to and I am ready. The wise wolf explores every inch of the terrian. She explores every dead end so that she may truly know the forest.

I have climbed many mountians but this misty mountian, this Jenna mountain, this will be the greatest adveture yet...

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