For Teens

sometimes feeling out of place

means you are exactly where you need to be.

"Jenna’s work with teens is powerful and supportive.

They can log in from their own cozy space, and know that their fears, relationship dramas, questions about their lives, are being held safely and kindly, and within a context of good boundaries and deep acceptance.

I highly recommend her circles, classes, and Young Jedi sessions." ~AGK (Mother of 14 year old)


Teen rEvolution Circle

Sign Up, Show Up, Connect In

First Friday of every month 6pm (PST) , this virtual circle connects tapped-in teens from around the country who are tired of feeling alone, anxious and depressed. In circle we share stories, offer support and inspire ways to survive and thrive in todays world.  These circles are donation based and ALL ARE WELCOME.

Jedi Sessions

BOOK this Series of 8 One-on-One Sessions

Each session includes:

~ A Short Energy Reading and Clearing

~ Learning a Tool for Mental Health Survival

(A new technique each time!) 

~ Integration of this tool into practical everyday life

These sessions empower, inspire and give teens a practical and solid groundwork for cultivating positive mental health in today's world.

Girl in Therapy
Meditating in Nature


Ready to take this work even Deeper?

The Guardians Of YOUR Galaxy Workshop is a weekend intensive that dives into more understanding about anxiety, depression and that feeling like you don't belong.  What if you found out there is actually NOTHING wrong with you?

This three-day workshop teaches tools and meditation techniques that help you feel confident and comfortable in your skin again.  This new found alignment, protection and empowerment will help you identify your destiny and empower you to go after your dreams in a grounded and inspired way.