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for teachers

Are you a teacher looking to find your voice?

Do you love music but feel afraid to share it with your students?

Are you looking for more ways to integrate music into your every day curriculum?

These one-on-one sessions will help you find and train your musical skills even if you think you don't have any! 

Resources include access to helpful vocal techniques, song packets, poems set to music, musical games and activities as well as guidance in self care, organization and lesson planning techniques.


one-on-one Mentoring for Students

Does your class have a new student
who needs help catching up musically with the group?

Sometimes just three or four sessions of           focused lessons can be the key to making a child's transision to a new         school environment a smooth one.  These sessions are designed to help the child feel musically "caught up" and more part of the new class culture. 


parent education

Do you need another face to present the importance of music and the arts at your parents evenings?


Parent education from an outside source takes some of the work load off the busy teacher and provides a variety of resources.  

These parent evenings

offer fun and    interactive presentations for parents 

and help them feel more comfortable integrating music into family life.  

We cover topics such as  

recorded vs. live music, how to encourage music in the home

and discuss the famous African proverb

"if you can talk you can sing"

Your parent body will be up and singing!

Weather in pre-school or high school or somewhere in-between, there are so many things parents can do to help feed the musician that lives inside us all.   

Man with Banjo


Being a teacher is some of the most difficult and important work out there.  Teachers are educating our future.  Inspiration is needed!

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