A Bit About Jenna Dalton...

Hello,  My name is Jenna Dalton.  I am an intuitive healer, facilitator, teacher, artist, mother and musician.


I have joyfully led retreats, teen mentorship workshops, private healing sessions, lessons, camps, choirs, conferences, and classes for over 20 years.

I love sharing my joy of love, art, music and meditation by teaching how to build tools toward re-alignment, healing and cultivating creativity.


A Biography:

I was born on a beautiful 355 acre spiritual community

nestled in the foothills of the Great Basin Desert.  My first fourteen years of life included endless freedom and hours of playing in and connecting with the natural world. 

"Home Farm," as it was called,  gave me spiritual guidance from diverse mentors of all ages, shapes and sizes. I learned to do yoga before I learned how to hula-hoop!  I was meditating before I learned how to read, and this unusual upbringing has continued to bless my life on into adulthood.  


At the age of 14,

my parents, my dog Sparky and I packed my childhood house into a U-haul truck and drove to Portland, Oregon.  Talk about culture shock! We moved with the intention of staying one year, and it is still considered my family’s home-base all these years later.


  I completed high school, excelling in music, theater and social activism, but thirsted for the spiritual connection that I took for granted as a young child. 


Thus began my destiny with uncovering my inner two-spirit nature and finding a spirituality that worked for me - A bi -pan female artist who was pretty fed up with white patriarchal society - yes even in yogic communities - and ready to dive into a spiritual practice that honored the Feminine.


This venture led me across the country three different times wearing a variety of hats including outdoor survivalist, musician, nanny and spiritual seeker.  I received gifts and teachings from Yogi’s, Native American Shamans, Pre-School Children, Insight Meditation Teachers, Mother Nature, Alchemists and African Spiritualists.  It was as if I was traveling a spiritual treasure hunt and each teaching I encountered gave me an inner gem that helped complete the puzzle that was me. 

I spent time in the woods with master tracker Tom Brown Jr., I explored the mystic with spiritual teacher Dennis Klocek, I sat sweat lodges with a Lakota Shaman.  I dived into my shadow and faced my eating disorder and deepened my yoga practice under the guidance and teachings of Sarahjoy Marsh. I grieved with Sobonfu Some and breathed holotropically with students of Grof.

Musically I was blessed to study with some of the greats such as Christiana Quick-Cleavland, Amanda Lawrence, Dan Compton, Laura Kemp, Par Album and Christian Boelle.

I joyfully attended psychic kindergarten classes A, B, C and D with the radiant Reverend Lilliana Barzola at Lotus Lantern Healing Arts, where I now work!  


I attended Prescott College where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Education with a Double Minor in Music and Skills in Spiritual Living and after completing my Senior Project “Exploring the Sacred in Education”, I graduated with honors and made my way to California to begin my studies as a Waldorf teacher.  

Foundation Year at Rudolf Steiner College was a profound coming home as I devoured the art, the human development approach to education and especially the esoteric studies with a fervor and thirst. This was deep, soul searching work and it rubbed off so many of my harsh edges.  It was sometimes painful but always wonderful and it fueled me to pursue my Master’s in Education at Sunbridge College in New York, where I completed my first music book for teachers “Songs From Around the World” as part of my Master's Thesis.

And then two voices called to me from the far beyond...

Ah! Motherhood!  


This proved to be the greatest adventure yet, as I shifted my attention from scholarly ambitions to devoting my life, time, knowledge and energy to my own twin miracles and a tiny in-home early childhood program.   This was a wonderful time of baking, singing, walks to the river and learning about WONDER and the gift of a slow meandering walk!

I was blessed to get to stay home with my little ones and when my children showed a readiness for Kindergarten,  I too felt ready to continue my career as a Main Lesson teacher and music teacher at a Waldorf school. 

This time in my life felt as if I was living the dream I had spent years preparing for.

Waldorf teaching utilized and expanded every one of my gifts and filled my life with meaning and purpose.


...And as so many of these stories go, the greatest heights and brightest moments often crash into a dark night of the soul that takes one's epic journey to the deepest depths. 

My fall from grace and dark stormy night included the dissolution of my marriage and

a trial by fire

resulting in an intense need to stand up for what I knew was right in my heart

even though it meant having to leave my community, many friends and what was once a dream job. 


After teaching for over 15 years, I took a two year sabbatical and focused inward. 

This heartbreaking and ultimately heart opening journey led me to music, love, travel and JOY! - in that order!

Singing with the Portland Revels connected me with the perfect musical theatre community for me.  Traveling Europe with the love of my life healed and invigorated me to my core.

 Spain and Portugal changed me, the Czech Republic expanded my heart and Hungary helped me re-ignite my inner “hot-mama!"

So now I step into work that is in alignment with my highest self at

Lotus Lantern Healing Arts

Here I facilitate classes, clinics and offer one-on-one mentoring for aligning, clearing and balancing energy, mind and body.  I heal through energy clearing sessions, mentoring and sound sessions.  

I am loving the world-wide connection possibilities of having students from all over the world.  And so this wonderful journey continues... 

My name is Jenna Dalton.

 I am a healer, visionary, teacher, artist, mother and musician. 

It’s so nice to meet you!