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An Example of Music and Spirit

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

One time I performed at this sports bar in SW Portland. I was given half an hour and I played a group of songs that were fresh for me at the time. Every one of them was original and each one came with a story. I rallied a bunch of friends and family to come and we made an evening of it. When I was done, I felt like I had given some kind of sermon. It felt that way... Music feels that way to me. It's not me writing a song, it's something bigger than me writing a song through me. That magic came through even is the sport's bar environment!

After I played, my close friend came up to me said, "we have to find a different venue for you to sing these songs."

I understood what she meant completely! This wasn't the right place for this muisc. My songs reveal the soul. They are about dreams, inspirations and insights along my path. They are my journals and my teachers. When I share them, I want them to open and awaken something in the listener. I am not an entertainer. I am a healer and I heal through music. So where do I sing them?

The first and only time I ever recorded in a professional studio, I worked for about five hours on this one song. After the day of creating and working with this song, my producer said, handing me a soda, "You're a great musician. I mean you've got real talent. Your just too deep."


So the ongoing search continues on finding a venue for my "too deep" music. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

And now please enjoy the venue that this woman found to share her amazing journey through muisc and spirit:

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