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A Time Of Honor

Memorial Day. First and foremost I deeply bow it reverent respect to all suffer from PTSD and all who have lost a loved one in the seemingly endless wars we humans inflict on one another. I thank the warriors who have protected us, hurt for us, and died for us. AND today I want to also honor the divine feminine energy that always keeps the hearth fire burning regardless of where the warrior has gone off to. This is a different kind of strength and courage. The gardener, the giver, the healer, the one tending to growth and thriving even in the midst of war.

Today I am a peacemaker, celebrating my growing and thriving healing practice. Yes, this is a break in all the hard work to just sit back and brag a bit. I have been so trained to war inside myself, to be immersed in self criticism, bordering on self hatred. I have been programmed by my society to always be focusing on what is lacking and missing and not enough. So this is my vulnerable and slightly terrifying attempt at telling you all about the ways I HAVE been successful, the ways I HAVE been brave and and gifts I HAVE been sharing with the world. Trust me, I feel just as uncomfortable writing this as you may feel reading it - we aren't encouraged to celebrate one another. But I encourage you to stick with this. Witness me shouting out about my strengths and please share in the comments what gifts and strengths YOU have been bestowing on the world as well...

Me? I have been continuing my work helping people heal from artistic blocks and critical “inner voice” trauma. I have been offering my healing heart and hands to those in need of energy readings and clearings. I have been utilizing my teaching background to facilitate experiential meditation and clearing classes and co-teaching workshops with Liliana and Josie with Lotus Lantern Healing Arts.

And most recently I have been SO pumped to be working more with teens and families of teens. In April, I facilitated a month-long workshop “Navigating Deep Water” with a circle of brilliant young women who now have tools in their pockets to cope and even thrive in today’s world. We have touched on things like body image, social media navigation and anxiety management. We have addressed questions that have come up such as: “no you’re not crazy if you're hearing voices”, “yes your gut is something you can (and should) trust” and most importantly “There are energetic tools that you can use right now to address stress, anxiety and holding boundaries in toxic relationships.”

I love opening up the energetic world to adolescents, this can be really freaky at first! Throughout our sessions, clients start practicing simple grounding techniques and learn energetic boundary setting techniques. This enables them to thrive.

This is the work I do...

We have very little vocabulary in this culture for talking about the subtleties of the energetic realm. I was so blessed to grow up in a community of adults who meditated, prayed and held an openness to spiritual and energetic growth. From a young age, I was guided by them, mentored by them and they gave me consistent tricks and tips for protecting myself and understanding what was happening when I seemed to be able to read a person’s thoughts or just “knew” something was going to happen, or was visited in my dreams by guides and teachers.

It is an absolute joy to be paying this support and wisdom forward into today’s youth and families of energetically sensitive youth. This work has been deep and it has been teaching me more than I teach them at times!

In August, I look forward to pioneering an online teen youth circle open to ALL teens who want to learn energy tools, leadership skills and spiritual skills for social change. If you are interested to hear more about about my work with teens, feel free to schedule a free complimentary 15-minute convo with me here.

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